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SpankThis – Dorm Room Spank

Hey there guys and welcome to this new spankthis scene for the afternoon and some more hot and sexy studs getting to play dirty for you. As you can see both of these two are university studs that know what they enjoy in life and they are about to get very very naughty for you all to see here this afternoon today. They get to put on a naughty little session in the dorm room that they share and since they had no classes at all today, they were free to do whatever they wanted as well for the rest of the afternoon. So yeah, let’s get this spank this scene going and let’s just sit back and watch as the blonde guy gets to punish his buddy’s ass today shall we?


Both of them are really really cute as you can see, but the cuter of the two gets to have his butt punished. He’s the one with the dark brown hair and you can see him making quick work of his clothes to expose his amazing body to you all. His buddy has him bending over on his lap of course and you can just sit back and check out this juicy scene unfold as the cute ass slapping gets to start off. Just watch the guy making quite the cute moans when that hand comes down every single time. We bet that you will enjoy it and you can rest assured that there will be even more to check out next week as well. We’ll see you then so make sure to drop by!

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