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SpankThis – Ace’s Punishment

You came at just the right time to see another spankthis scene with another cute guy getting his ass punished. You can see that the guy is none other than Ace, the same cute guy that you’ve gotten to see here before and he’s all ready to show off to you all why he’s one of the best. Well his scene is at least. Sit back and check him out as he gets to have some nice fun with this one and check him out as he gets to take a spot on the bed with those cute round butt cheeks right up and moan in pleasure as that bigger guy gets to spank him in this amazing show here today. We can guarantee that this spank this gallery is going to be one to remember for sure!

So yeah, that one person bed with red covers gets to comfort him as he lays on his belly and takes his punishment for being naughty. But first and foremost of course, you can see the guy take his time to undress for everyone to see including the guy doing the butt slapping. And you know Ace is just an…. ace at showing off. No pun intended there, but we just had to take it. Anyway, sit back and enjoy Ace having fun with this whole thing of course and we’ll be back again real soon with some more amazing and hot updates. Meanwhile just have fun with Ace here and his little naughty show. We’ll see you again next week as promised everyone!


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