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Spank This – Punishment and reward

Sam spends his summer at his parent’s friend, Jeff, because there are gone in a long business trip. In this spank this scene, Jeff is going to teach Sam a lesson, making a man out of him. Sam likes to sleep till noon, and he is not helping Jeff with work around the house. Jess feels that this needs to change, but Sam is not willing to make an effort.

One morning, Jeff goes to Sam’s room asking him to wake up and help him, but when Sam tells him to go away and leave him alone, Jeff starts spanking his ass hard, making it turn red! Jeff it doesn’t stops here, because Sam is so insolent, Jeff makes him suck his cock and swallow his creamy cum. Sam feels in heaven when Jeff pushes his cock down his throat, and it looks like this is going to be a morning ritual! Enjoy watching this spankthis scene and come back soon! For similar gay sex videos check out the website. See you soon!



See this twink sucking that cock after a spanking session!