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Spank This – Max Carter and Christian Rae

In this next spank this scene Max Carter is the mean master who is going to punish his submissive slave, Christian Rae who’s been away the whole week and was not answering to Max’s calls. When he returns home, he tells Max that he spent his week at a friend’s house and Max gets really angry. He drags Christian in the basement in a dark room and undresses him. Then Christian gets bent over and by know he knows what is going to happen.

As Max starts spanking Christians smooth bubble butt, he starts screaming and begging for mercy, but Max does not like what he hears, so he starts spanking that ass harder and harder. Christian’s ass turns red from the hard punishment, and when Max considers that Christian had enough, he slides his cock down his throat ordering him to suck it good. Christian gives his best, making Max shoot his creamy load. Have fun watching this hot spankthis scene! And don’t forget to visit website if you are looking for other great gay sex videos!


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