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Spank This – Daddy spanking Keine

Hello and welcome back to spank this! You are about to watch this big daddy punishing that hot twink and you are going to love it don’t you? Keine Sorgen was desperately needing money and he thought that TJ Woods wont notice that his credit card was being used. When Keine thought that he is going to get away with it, he took the credit card and used it again, but TJ found out and he was not happy at all.

He walked into Keine’s room and asked him what the money were for, but when Keine acted like he has no idea about the money, TJ bent him over his lap and took his pants off, giving Keine another chance to confess. Keine kept acting like he has no idea what is TJ talking about, and then TJ started spanking Keine’s ass hard to make him talk. Keine was screaming in pain as his ass turned red, but he was still not willing to talk, so TJ took out his big hard cock and shoved it up Keine’s ass, fucking him hard and fast. Looks like Keine found a way to pay back his debt but he stills has a lot to make it up, so he is going to get his bibble butt spanked many many times from now on. Enjoy this spankthis scene and if you’re looking for similar videos and pictures check out website.


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