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Kyler’s Been A Bad Boy

You happened to drop in just in time to see some new spankthis scenes here this week that are surely going to impress you all without fail and delay. See the two studs in this one got extra kinky and you can see them having some fun times in the bathroom here today. Naturally, there’s going to be some juicy spanking action involved as well but trust us that you can see the two here getting to be a tad more naughty this time than that. Anyway, let’s get their spank this show on the road and let’s just watch them in action as they get to be all nude in that place as well and you can check them spanking one another’s asses too!

Once they do get going there doesn’t seem to be anything to stop them either and they know it. Like we said, they show up all nude already at the start so you can bet that the two hot and sexy twinks were probably up to kinky things this afternoon. See them taking turns to bend each other over the counter and watch them taking their time to tease each other’s nice asses too. And after all that teasing you can bet that they ended up plowing one another from the back too. It was just impossible for them not to end it on a high note here today. Anyway, we’ll see you again next week, so make sure to come on by and check out the new scenes!


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SpankThis – Punish Me

Another fresh week and time to see another new spankthis show with another lovely and cute looking couple. The guy with the blue pants was very very naughty and his fuck buddy here today had to deliver some punishment as you can probably already guess. Well either way it makes for a great show to witness and you just have to make sure that you see this one completely unfold here today. Let’s just get it going as there’s a lot of stuff waiting for you to check it out in this one and there’s no way you can skip over the spank this that is this week’s scene. So yeah, let’s commence and see the ass spanking and punishing show commence today shall we?


Also, as you know, this site is truly the best place to come and drop a visit when you want to see some pretty intense and hot gay spanking scenes every week too. Every time we have the best of the best action around here and you just need to see it all unfold without delay. It’s just incredible and you need to see it. So watch those blue underpants getting pulled down and see that cute and adorable round ass revealed here today. Then you can see the cute guy getting it spanked and punished and we bet that you will adore it. We’ll be seeing you next week with another new and amazing gallery update and more superb scenes! Until next time guys!

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Jeff Sterne Spanks Tristan

Hey there again guys and gals. Welcome back to a stunning and beautiful spankthis scene with some more of the spanking expert named Jeff Sterne as he gets to have another naughty guy on his hands, and that guy’s name is Tristan. Seems that he got in trouble this afternoon and Jeff here needs to be tough and show some rough loving to him to teach him a lesson. So yeah, let’s get right to the action with this new and juicy update as you just have to see this truly amazing spank this scene for today. So yeah let’s make sure to get the show going and watch as the naughty Tristan gets his ass punished without delay shall we?

By the looks of it, the two get to have their fun in the living room and the guy is pretty eager to get to bend over and receive that punishment that we were mentioning. See him take off his pants in this one and watch closely as he gets to parade himself around for a little bit for you all to see and check out. He is pretty happy and proud of his body and he wants to show you why more precisely. Anyway, just take your time to see him eventually bend over and check him out as he gets around to moan in pleasure with getting his cute ass punished today. We’ll be sure to come back again next week once again and show off much more spankthis content like this too. Bye bye for now everyone!


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SpankThis – Max gets Kinky

Well well well. Here we are with an all new and all fresh spankthis update for you and just like always it’s smoking hot too. So the main man in this one is a guy named Max as the title says and of course, he got really kinky and horny for this afternoon encounter. It seems that nothing turns him on more than having his cute and round ass spanked with a passion and he made the other guy he was there with work really hard on that as it made him really really excited about the whole thing. So let’s get those spank this cameras rolling and let’s watch Max all bent over nicely as he moans while getting his ass spanked in this one!


The other guy was just sporting a jock strap and as you can clearly see, he was all hard at work on Max’s ass with his masterful hand. Max himself like we said, was getting more and more excited and of course it was very very visible as well. Soon after that he just begs to take it up the ass now and the other guy complies once more. We are sure that you will truly adore this one and we’ll be seeing you once again next week with a brand new and fresh update as well. But yeah for now, just sit back and watch as the guys here get to have their fun and Max the most of the two. We’ll see you again next week with more fresh galleries!

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Jeff Sterne Spanks 3 Boys

You came back at the right time to get to see some more all new and all fresh spankthis scenes going down with some more amazing guys. And as you know, we always have the best scenes here with studs like this getting down and dirty too. So yeah, let’s get back to our stuff and see Jeff Sterne get two guys here all to himself to play with and you can see him using his hand to great degree today as he delivers some punishment on some cute and naughty butts this afternoon. So yeah, let’s get to watch this amazing and hot spank this scene with the three and enjoy all of that sweet and sexy spanking action that they have going on!

Well, our college dudes were all ready to get to receive some punishment and Jeff was all ready to deliver it. Sit back and watch him have the two cuties undress and see them showing off their sexy bodies all nude for you all as well. The first one to bend over is the emo dude with pink stripes in his hair and it looks like he was the horniest of the two anyway. Well while he gets to take a breather later and chill on the couch while the other guy gets to have his turn. you can see that guy stroking his dick all turned on at the whole thing. We’ll leave you with this and we’ll see you again soon enough with more content that you can check out and enjoy!


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SpankThis – Jeff Spanks Chase

Another fresh week and time for you all to see another spankthis scene with some more new guys in this gallery. The main attraction for this update is the studs Jeff and Chase and it looks like Chase has been a very very naughty guy. Jeff you know from a previous scene, as he’s the older man that got to spank Jacobey and make him feel really good. He gets to make a comeback in this one as his co star is Chase for the afternoon and he’s just as naughty and eager as the other guy that he got to punish in a spank this scene. So yeah, let’s just get the show going and watch closely as Jeff spanks Chase’s ass nice and hard all afternoon long shall we?


The two seem to be in a little cage of sorts and we have no honest idea about how they got in there. The only clear thing is that Chase is about to get a spanking and you can see Jeff ordering him to take off those pants and take his spanking from the older stud. First he gets to bend over with his shirt on and his red underpants on too. But he gets more and more naked and soon you get to see that nude butt of his jiggle around a whole lot too. We’re going to be back again soon with another new and fresh update, so make sure that you drop by around our site to check out the new action okay everybody? Bye bye for now and have fun with the whole thing!

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Hayden Spanks Luke

Welcome to this week’s all new and all fresh show featuring some more amazing and hot spankthis scenes. You know that we always have the best things to show off and in this one you get to see two more college guys getting wild in the dorm with one another. They are Hayden and Luke and it looks like the latter is the one to get that cute ass spanked and teased today by his buddy. Both of them are into some light S&M so you can expect to see that go down in their scene here today. So yeah, let’s just get those spankthis cameras going and see the two studs here having their fun as they get to naughty things with each other for the whole thing!

As the show begins, you can see that we’re in one of their rooms and the guys are all nice and ready to get started too and get to play nasty. The horny Luke is the one to be on the receiving end today so you get to watch him getting to bend over for the other guy to start getting his cute ass spanked here today. See Hayden use a nice and hard wooden paddle to spank his cute butt and then watch them getting even more naughty. We’re sure that you will adore them in action and if you explore it, you may get to watch them do more than just this. But either way, take the time to have fun with it here and see you next time with more!


Check out this guy getting his ass spanked!

SpankThis – Jacobey Used

Today’s all new and hot spankthis scene is here and you get to watch some more truly amazing and hot scenes go down with some more eager hunks too. This time we get to see the cutie named Jacobey in action as he was very very naughty himself and he seems to be getting the belt on his ass from this older gentleman this afternoon. You can bet that the younger stud was more than happy to bend over and enjoy the ass punishment from the older guy this afternoon so that means that you have plenty to see in this one. Well let’s just get the spank this show going as we bet that you want to see the guy moan as he gets his ass punished!


The whole action takes place in the living room and by the looks of it, the guy just can’t get undressed fast enough. He does take his sweet time to get to show off his body in a superbly got and sexy strip show, putting that body on display from every angle to let you see every sexy inch of it as well. Meanwhile, the guy gets his belt ready and when the real dun begins, you can see Jacobey bending over the furniture and starting to take those slaps over the ass from the tool. Anyway, watch him moan in pleasure and be sure that there will be even more to check out next week as well. We’ll be seeing you once more with some all new and all fresh galleries!

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Coach Ryan and Roxy

Hey there again everyone. We’re back once more with new spankthis scenes for you and this afternoon show features another duo that you are sure to remember for a really long time. In this new show you can see the coach getting to punish one of his uni students nicknamed Roxy as he was very very naughty today and talked back to him. So he got called into his office and the two of them were about to have a one on one discussion about his behavior. That and as you can see a nice and hot spank this session too. Well either way it makes for some incredible and hot scenes either way so let’s get to see that cute ass punished here today shall we?

Turns out that the guy just wanted to feel that firm had spanking his ass today so he got himself in trouble deliberately. Coach Ryan tells Roxy that he’s going to have to be patient from now on and meet after work hours but the guy was just ho horny. Well he’s going to go along with it for now as he was very very naughty and he needed to have his cute ass punished. Anyway, do take your time to see Roxy bend over the desk of the guy and then see him getting his ass spanked all afternoon long too. We hope that you will have fun with it and we will return next week with some more new spankthis content for you all to check out!


Take a look at this coach spanking his student!

SpankThis – Dorm Room Spank

Hey there guys and welcome to this new spankthis scene for the afternoon and some more hot and sexy studs getting to play dirty for you. As you can see both of these two are university studs that know what they enjoy in life and they are about to get very very naughty for you all to see here this afternoon today. They get to put on a naughty little session in the dorm room that they share and since they had no classes at all today, they were free to do whatever they wanted as well for the rest of the afternoon. So yeah, let’s get this spank this scene going and let’s just sit back and watch as the blonde guy gets to punish his buddy’s ass today shall we?


Both of them are really really cute as you can see, but the cuter of the two gets to have his butt punished. He’s the one with the dark brown hair and you can see him making quick work of his clothes to expose his amazing body to you all. His buddy has him bending over on his lap of course and you can just sit back and check out this juicy scene unfold as the cute ass slapping gets to start off. Just watch the guy making quite the cute moans when that hand comes down every single time. We bet that you will enjoy it and you can rest assured that there will be even more to check out next week as well. We’ll see you then so make sure to drop by!

Enjoy watching this cute guy getting his ass spanked!