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SpankThis Sleeping Beauty

Hey there guys. Take your time to get to watch another new and amazing spankthis scene here this afternoon with some incredible guys taking their time to put on quite the good show for you all to see and check out the whole show. Anyway, the two guys are all set to have some fun ans as you can see, one of them is quite the sleeping beauty as the title says it. His buddy is really horny though and he wants that ass for this afternoon. Well let’s see how he goes about waking the guy up, but you can be sure that there’s going to be a superbly passionate and hard style ass fucking session around here today. So yeah, let’s get it going and see the sleeping beauty fucking shall we?

SpankThis Sleeping Beauty

Seems like the guy’s idea to start playing with this guy is getting all touchy feely with his cute bum as he pulls down his underwear. The sleeping spankthis guy starts to moan gently as we bet that he’s already having some nice dreams too. But either way, this teasing goes on. Also check out some free videos of shemales as well if you want even more passionate action like this going down on your screen. But yeah, back to these two, see the horny guy now finger fucking the cutie’s ass and when he eventually does get up, he’s all over his cock. He probably gave the guy a wet dream of sorts and he was probably really really horny and eager to fuck as well by now!

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Young Thief Gets Spanked

Another fresh week and time to see another spankthis update like usual. As you know, this site should be your prime little spot to come and drop by for a visit to, when you want to get to see an amazing collection of hot studs getting naughty and kinky and getting a good spaking as punishment for being naughty too. Sterne is back in this one and you can see him having this guy’s ass all to himself. The curly haired dude was caught stealing by the main man here and he was going to teach him a lesson in today’s little scene. Let’s get right to it and see this spank this show unfold with them and the guy moan in pleasure shall we?


He gets invited to the guy’s living room and once there, he gets to take off his pants and then his underwear too. Watch him comply and soon be all nice and nude too with Sterne playing with his whole body and teasing him too. Then he gets out his paddle and gives his punishment to the guy which more than anything seems to love it. Ether way, check them out and see where this scene went to and we’ll see you soon once again. You know that we always have the best of the best guys around here to show off and this was no different. And if you want more right now you can take the time to check out the past updates too! See you soon!

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SpankThis – Detention Spank

Hey there guys and gals. It’s time to get to see a brand new spankthis scene here this week and you just have to see this one unfold. The show features a pair of guys in detention and as you can see, their supervisor to behave is none other than Sterne. You know that he’s really good at disciplining with his paddle anyone and these two were prime targets for him. Lucky for Sterne he had the whole afternoon to teach their bottoms a nice and hard lesson in behavior and we bet you’ll love it. This spank this scene is all ready to be seen so let’s watch the two guys in detention moan as they get their asses punished today shall we?

As soon as the cameras roll and the scene starts off, the classroom is locked and the guys get to be left on the good hands of teacher Sterne. Well Sterne is going to give them some stern punishment as you can see. The guys get to soon undress and show off their naked bodies to you all as well and you can see them bend over their desks and let the teach take turns to spank both of them with his wooden paddle.Just check out those bottoms get nice and red here today and check out the whole thin go down without delay. We will see you again next week with yet another scene and more of these cute guys getting spanked too! Bye bye!


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Sterne Spanks Schoolboys

Time once more to get to see another new and fresh superb spankthis scene with hot and horny cute guys that get to put those sexy butts on display. So yeah, take your time to check out a simply superb gallery with these guys and see those glorious rear ends put on display yet again as the studs have their fun with one another just for you. Of course Sterne is there to play with them too so you can expect to see them both turn red real quick from his little paddle too. Okay, so we bet you’re really eager to get to see this amazing and juicy spank this show through, so let’s just get to see the duo getting spanked this afternoon shall we?


As you all know, Sterne is the greatest when it comes to punishing fine asses and this is his greatest work as of yet with these two. Let’s watch him taking the time to make sure that he makes those two rear ends nice and red for this nice little gallery. Well sit back and check out the two lovely hunks as they get around to bend over the furniture and watch closely as one still wears his jockstrap while the other goes in fully nude in it. The sight of their asses is just great today and you can see that paddle being used generously on them too. We’ll make sure to bring you much much more new and hot content next week so make sure to come around and check it out too everyone!

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SpankThis – Ace’s Punishment

You came at just the right time to see another spankthis scene with another cute guy getting his ass punished. You can see that the guy is none other than Ace, the same cute guy that you’ve gotten to see here before and he’s all ready to show off to you all why he’s one of the best. Well his scene is at least. Sit back and check him out as he gets to have some nice fun with this one and check him out as he gets to take a spot on the bed with those cute round butt cheeks right up and moan in pleasure as that bigger guy gets to spank him in this amazing show here today. We can guarantee that this spank this gallery is going to be one to remember for sure!

So yeah, that one person bed with red covers gets to comfort him as he lays on his belly and takes his punishment for being naughty. But first and foremost of course, you can see the guy take his time to undress for everyone to see including the guy doing the butt slapping. And you know Ace is just an…. ace at showing off. No pun intended there, but we just had to take it. Anyway, sit back and enjoy Ace having fun with this whole thing of course and we’ll be back again real soon with some more amazing and hot updates. Meanwhile just have fun with Ace here and his little naughty show. We’ll see you again next week as promised everyone!


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Sterne Spanks Schoolboy

Another fresh week and we get to see the old stud Sterne in this spankthis scene once again getting to punish a fresh new ass. The student here was very very naughty and he had to do something about him to teach him a lesson. We think that the guy is always perfect to watch as he has a number of toys including his belt that he likes to use on naughty asses every time he gets to have some presence on camera. So anyway, let’s just get to watch this one go down and see him teaching this schoolboy a lesson here shall we? We bet that you ladies and gents will adore the spank this scene with him whipping a cute ass today as always!


The schoolboy comes to his office for the punishment and the guy has him drop his clothes. We know just what you want to see and rest assured that you get to see some sexy stripping going down in this one too. Once the guy was all naked, Jeff takes his belt off and has the guy bend over his desk here today. Enjoy seeing him spanking that cute round ass with his belt until he gets that round butt all nice and red and enjoy the action. We’ll be sure to bring you even more shows like this in the future too as we bet that you’ll just adore this one. Anyway, see you ladies and gents next time with another new and fresh update and more cute asses in action!

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No Pain No Gain

This week’s new and fresh spankthis scene is here for everyone to see and you can bet your sweet ass that you get to have full access exclusively to all of it this afternoon. We’re preparing a new batch for you all to see and enjoy with this one as the two guys are new faces here. They get to do their thing at the gym today as you can see and they are quite happy to get to put their naughty little show on for you all this week. So yeah, without further due, let’s get the juicy spank this camera rolling and watch as our two hot and cute studs get to have the classy and kinky fun here playing with those fine asses right in the gym today for the whole thing!

As the cameras roll you can see the guys themselves having some nice workouts sessions as they get to use the machines around the place. Sure enough they get sweaty and remove their tops to show off some amazing and hot bodies. And both of them get to spank each other before the end of this whole thing. But first you can check out that cute guy with no tattoos getting to receive it first. Rest assured that after the nice spanking he got, he got to do the same for his buddy here today. We’ll be back again next week with all new content and all you need to do is sit back and relax while you check it out!


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SpankThis – Tyler Spanks Devon

Today’s mighty fine and juicy spankthis scene is here for you all to see and check out an you just have to see this one unfold. The afternoon show has another new couple that was all ready to get to show off for you and you can rest assured that it’s just the best thing to get to see here today. The guys here are Tyler and Devon and the two of them get to have their little spank this fun session in the living room as you can clearly see on that nice and big comfy black leather couch too. Get ready to check out a truly amazing and incredible show with them here today and let’s just get to watch some more amazing ass punishing sessions today!


Well, it seems that the two guys were all ready to get down and dirty with one another today and they were all set to get to have the fun start already once the whole thing was all set. We’re sure that you can clearly see just how horny and hot the two guys are and of course they were dead set on doing everything right. Well either way, you need to sit back and check out Devon pulling his pants down and letting Tyler work his ass like a cute drum with his expert hand here today. There’s a lot that they get to do in addition to that as well, so just check out that action as well. We’ll be returning next week with another new gallery for you so make

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Max Bends Bastian

Hey there again everyone, there’s a brand new and fresh spankthis scene and you can see the two new guys named Max and Bastian as they get to have their eager fun today with each other. They seem to be at a club for this one and we’re pretty certain that they got to have the VIP room for their naughty needs today too. Let’s just get right in the show this week and see the two guys here having their fun with each other as all the others have done in the past and you can see another amazing and fresh spank this scene going down here. And just like always, you can expect to see the best of the best spanking scenes showed off too.

And as soon as we get to see the two on camera here today they are already in the said room and all ready to get to play with each other too. All you need to do is take a seat and enjoy the view of all this amazing action going down without delay with the guys all set to have a great time. See Bastian bend over and watch closely as he gets to show off that cute butt to you all this afternoon without delay. We’re sure that you will enjoy the view of it all and there will be even more to check out next week as well with these naughty and hot guys around here and you get to see it all!


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SpankThis – Shipping & Handling

Hey there guys, we’ve come back with a brand new spankthis scene her today and we know that you are eager to get to see it unfold once more without delay. In this show you can see the recipient of a nice spanking session getting the deed done in a storehouse as clearly shown in the preview and we bet that you will simply adore this one. The fine stud gets to enjoy this one truly as he’s just a sucker for a good spanking and the other stud is more than happy to get to have fun punishing his cute ass in this new spank this update. So let’s get deeper into this and see these two having some fun with one another without delay today shall we?

So yeah, with that in mind, let’s just get the show going and watch the whole thing go down without delay as the two get ready. The guy on the receiving end you can see undress and take off his clothes of course and from the looks of it he was pretty eager to let his new friend have fun with his cute round ass here today. Just take your time to check out this fresh and new scene with them and see the lad moan as he gets to feel that palm slapping his rear cheeks today. We’ll be sure to bring you even more action in the following weeks too, so just make sure that you drop by and check it all out as they come out as well okay? bye bye for now!


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