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Max Bends Bastian

Hey there again everyone, there’s a brand new and fresh spankthis scene and you can see the two new guys named Max and Bastian as they get to have their eager fun today with each other. They seem to be at a club for this one and we’re pretty certain that they got to have the VIP room for their naughty needs today too. Let’s just get right in the show this week and see the two guys here having their fun with each other as all the others have done in the past and you can see another amazing and fresh spank this scene going down here. And just like always, you can expect to see the best of the best spanking scenes showed off too.

And as soon as we get to see the two on camera here today they are already in the said room and all ready to get to play with each other too. All you need to do is take a seat and enjoy the view of all this amazing action going down without delay with the guys all set to have a great time. See Bastian bend over and watch closely as he gets to show off that cute butt to you all this afternoon without delay. We’re sure that you will enjoy the view of it all and there will be even more to check out next week as well with these naughty and hot guys around here and you get to see it all!


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