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Welcome back guys, because we have a fresh new spankthis update! Jeff hired Marco to do some work in his garage, fix some shelves and throw out some old things. Marco is doing a really great job and when Jeff finds out that Marco also can fix cars, he asks him to take a look at his old car. When Jeff gets back home, he finds Marco in his house watching TV and he gets angry.

How did he got in his house in the fist place because the door was locked. Jess knows exactly what to do, and he drags Marco back in the garage, where he ties him an takes his pants off to spank his sexy ass until it turns red and inflames. Marco begs him to stop but Jeff only spanks him harder. At the end, Marco tells Jeff that actually it wasn’t that bad and he actually got a boner. Come back next time to watch Jeff in action again in another spank this scene! If you liked this update check out website and have fun watching other amateur guys getting naked for in front of the video camera!


Enjoy watching this twink getting spanked in the garage!