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SpankThis video – Patrick and Max’s fetish

Hello and welcome! You are going to love this shocking spankthis video featuring Patrick O’Riley and Max in a very interesting spanking fetish scene. Patrick is working in his office but he gets really horny and leaves all the work aside to search gay sex videos on the web. He gets comfortable when his boss, Max Morgan walks inside the office. Patrick tries to turn off the screen, but Max sees him watching porn. As soon as Max realize that his employee is a very naughty guy, he decides to punish him.

This is where things are getting interesting in this spank this scene, because Max is going to bend Patrick is going to get bent over the desk and Morgan takes his pants off for a hard ass spanking. After Patrick’s bubble ass gets spanked until it turns red, Morgan is going to shove his cock up in Patrick’s ass and then he slides it down his throat making him suck it clean and eat his cum!

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SpankThis – Trystian spanks Conners

Get ready to watch a hot thwink getting punished in the next spankthis scene. Trystan finds his roommate watching his porn magazines and wanking off. He walks in the room and tells Conners that today he is going to spank his ass really hard for what he did. He was not supposed to see those magazines and now he is going to pay. But Conners likes the idea and he gets really horny when Trystan bends him over his lap and starts spanking his ass hard.

When Trystan sees that Conners actually enjoys getting spanked, he moves to the plan B, meaning that Conners is going to suck his cock while Trystan still spanks his hot ass. Now Trystan gets rock hard and after Conners gives him a good blowjob, Trystan slides his cock in Conner’s ass stretching his tight hole. Have fun watching this naughty spank this video scene and come back for more! If you liked this update check out kristen bjorn videos and have fun watching other hot gay guys in action!

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Spank This – Max Carter and Christian Rae

In this next spank this scene Max Carter is the mean master who is going to punish his submissive slave, Christian Rae who’s been away the whole week and was not answering to Max’s calls. When he returns home, he tells Max that he spent his week at a friend’s house and Max gets really angry. He drags Christian in the basement in a dark room and undresses him. Then Christian gets bent over and by know he knows what is going to happen.

As Max starts spanking Christians smooth bubble butt, he starts screaming and begging for mercy, but Max does not like what he hears, so he starts spanking that ass harder and harder. Christian’s ass turns red from the hard punishment, and when Max considers that Christian had enough, he slides his cock down his throat ordering him to suck it good. Christian gives his best, making Max shoot his creamy load. Have fun watching this hot spankthis scene! And don’t forget to visit website if you are looking for other great gay sex videos!


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SpankThis – Bubble butt spank

In this spankthis scene, hot daddy Connor Maguire is going to drag Chase down his basement to punish him just because he can. Chase been a very naughty guy again, watching to much beary men porn instead of cleaning Connor’s pool as he was supposed to. When Connor finds him sitting at his desk, instead of being out cleaning the pool, he gets really angry, after all he paid the guy to work.

Connor wants to teach Chase a lesson, but also wants to fuck him hard now that he knows that Chase is gay. He takes off Chase’s pants and begins to spank his bubble butt hard until it turns red, then he slides his cock up Chase’s ass and fucks him fast and hard. Next, Chase gets on his knees sucking Connor’s big dick and he loves swallowing his creamy cum. Looks like from how on he is going to do a lot more then just cleaning Connor’s pool, so better come back to watch these guys in another hot spank this scene!


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Evan’s deviant dungeon

After a wild party, Kurt falls asleep on Evan’s couch. As you are going to see in this next spankthis scene, Evan has some plans with hot Kurt, and when this wakes up, he finds himself in Evan’s deviant dungeon. Evan has this secret place where he likes to have fun with cute guys like Kurt.

Evan ties and restrains Kurt, and he tries to decide what kind of toy to use on Kurt’s ass. Kurt has no idea what is going to happen next, but he kind of likes it. First Evan starts spanking Kurt’s ass until it turns read, then he bends over his sexy slave and shoves his cock deep into his ass. Kurt starts moaning load and Evan goes harder and faster, until he blows his load on that sexy bubble butt. Kurt is going to be back for the next party hoping to get his sexy ass spanked again for sure! Have fun watching this spank this gallery and better come back soon! For other gay videos and pictures come inside website and have a great time inside. Bye!



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Spank This – Daddy spanking Keine

Hello and welcome back to spank this! You are about to watch this big daddy punishing that hot twink and you are going to love it don’t you? Keine Sorgen was desperately needing money and he thought that TJ Woods wont notice that his credit card was being used. When Keine thought that he is going to get away with it, he took the credit card and used it again, but TJ found out and he was not happy at all.

He walked into Keine’s room and asked him what the money were for, but when Keine acted like he has no idea about the money, TJ bent him over his lap and took his pants off, giving Keine another chance to confess. Keine kept acting like he has no idea what is TJ talking about, and then TJ started spanking Keine’s ass hard to make him talk. Keine was screaming in pain as his ass turned red, but he was still not willing to talk, so TJ took out his big hard cock and shoved it up Keine’s ass, fucking him hard and fast. Looks like Keine found a way to pay back his debt but he stills has a lot to make it up, so he is going to get his bibble butt spanked many many times from now on. Enjoy this spankthis scene and if you’re looking for similar videos and pictures check out website.


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SpankThis – Miguel spanked by Jeff

In this next scene, Miguel is going to get his bubble butt spanked hard by that famous spankthis master, Jeff Sterne. I’m not sure if you seen Jeff in action, but he likes to to it hard and rough, so Miguel is going to get his butt very red and inflamed. Let’s see if he likes it! Miguel has a perfect ass and Jeff likes to give him an ass massage before spanking him hard. Miguel gets horny when Jeff takes off his boxers and starts massaging his ass, but this is about to change.

Miguel soon gets to feel his ass aching as Jeff spanks him harder and harder, and he is not going to stop until Miguel’s ass is nice and red. After this spank this session, Miguel comes back a week later wanting more, and this time Jeff also shoves his cock down Miguel’s throat!  If you liked this scene, visit website for other great gay sex videos and picture galleries.


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Hot Marco gets spanked in the garage

Welcome back guys, because we have a fresh new spankthis update! Jeff hired Marco to do some work in his garage, fix some shelves and throw out some old things. Marco is doing a really great job and when Jeff finds out that Marco also can fix cars, he asks him to take a look at his old car. When Jeff gets back home, he finds Marco in his house watching TV and he gets angry.

How did he got in his house in the fist place because the door was locked. Jess knows exactly what to do, and he drags Marco back in the garage, where he ties him an takes his pants off to spank his sexy ass until it turns red and inflames. Marco begs him to stop but Jeff only spanks him harder. At the end, Marco tells Jeff that actually it wasn’t that bad and he actually got a boner. Come back next time to watch Jeff in action again in another spank this scene! If you liked this update check out website and have fun watching other amateur guys getting naked for in front of the video camera!


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Spank This – Punishment and reward

Sam spends his summer at his parent’s friend, Jeff, because there are gone in a long business trip. In this spank this scene, Jeff is going to teach Sam a lesson, making a man out of him. Sam likes to sleep till noon, and he is not helping Jeff with work around the house. Jess feels that this needs to change, but Sam is not willing to make an effort.

One morning, Jeff goes to Sam’s room asking him to wake up and help him, but when Sam tells him to go away and leave him alone, Jeff starts spanking his ass hard, making it turn red! Jeff it doesn’t stops here, because Sam is so insolent, Jeff makes him suck his cock and swallow his creamy cum. Sam feels in heaven when Jeff pushes his cock down his throat, and it looks like this is going to be a morning ritual! Enjoy watching this spankthis scene and come back soon! For similar gay sex videos check out the website. See you soon!



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SpankThis – Jasper gets spanked in the stockroom

Hello and welcome back to spankthis, the place where cute guys get their sexy ass spanked good but that’s not all, because as you are going to see in this next scene, cute Jasper is going to get his tight ass penetrated and stretched by Christian. Jasper works in Christian’s store, but he is not doing  great job, at least that’s what Christian tells him when he takes Jasper in the stockroom to get his hands on Jaspers sexy ass.

The naughty boss decides to punish this hot twink, by spanking his bubble butt until it turns red, and Jasper is not complaining at all. Looks like Jasper wants to suck Christian’s cock, but before this he is going to get ass fucked. As reward, Jasper is allowed to suck Christian’s cock clean! Have fun watching these spank this pics and come back soon!


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